CAMS Biometric Bot
Why Protocol Update is required?

protocal Every biometric device is working on its own protocol which is preparatory to the manufacture. So, to make the 3rd devices working with our API, it is mandatory to make sure the device is working on our protocol. Hence the update of protocol required. Various models from ZkTeco, eSSL, Mantra, RealTime, Suprema, BioMax, Matrix, Secugen, CAMS, Morpho biometrics are supported by our web api. Buy

Important Instruction

  1. You must make sure that your device is connected online before you start the verification
  2. There are multiple actions will be asked to perform on the device. Please follow all the instructions one by one till you get the message "Verified"
  3. If your device is not connecting to this developer bot, you can assume that your device cannot be supported by our Web API